Luxury Residential Apartments – Kadri, Mangalore

Mangalore is the chief port city of the Indian state rated as the India’s second fastest growing city. Real estate is playing a vital role in the growth and India’s topmost real estate developers have already camped in the city. Over the years, with the emergence of new technologies India is gaining increasing level of exposure to the international trends of style and comfort, construction and architectural sectors had to undergo a thorough make over. We, at Global Court, have an unsophisticated clutch of your expectations, in keeping with which we have included certain accoutrements to make your space a better space to live.


The Global Court is located adjacent to one of the high performing hospitals, A.J Hospital and Research Centre, Kuntikana, kadri. This property in Mangalore is an unbeatable choice of affordable accommodation in a quiet neighbourbood. Ideally situated, Global Court is a short drive to Mangalore International Airport, offers quick access to the Gajalee, a well known sea food restaurant, a short walk away from the Kadri Market and is only five minutes away from Hampankatta City. It is newly renovated multi storey residential flat located in the vicinity of Kadri Hills Park which is the largest park within city limits of Mangalore, and is just a few steps from Karnataka Polytechnic Training Institute.

The Global Court Apartment is designed to become a very well coveted residency offering amenities that will complement a modern and grand lifestyle. Amenities like Well Fitted Modular Kitchen, Grand Entrance, Shaded Kids Play Area, Well Equipped Gym, ample space for Parking etc.  Global Court is a modern apartment of wonderful elegant living at par with international standards offering you a well designed excellent abode with unrestricted and beautiful sight of Mangalore.